Booking Your People Carrier or Minivan at Mallorca Airport

Travel is an important part of any holiday, but even more so if there are several people travelling together. At certain times of the year there can be a shortage of larger vehicles for hire at Mallorca Airport. This is usually due to the popularity of this size of vehicle for parties of 5 persons or more. You should think now about your car hire requirements for your next trip to the Mallorca region.

Those experienced in car hire Mallorca at Mallorca Airport or from other airports in Spain may well have experienced the challenges involved when trying to fit 5 adults and 5 large pieces of luggage along with everyone’s hand baggage into a 5 seater car. If you also have a child seat or baby carriage to add to your already heavily laden car, this can make for a very stressful and uncomfortable journey.

As you and your passengers travel from Mallorca Airport to your destination, make sure you will all have enough leg room to enjoy the start of your vacation. You may also be using the car you hired to take you around Mallorca, so booking the right size of vehicle can help to make your stay in Mallorca much more enjoyable for everyone.

You can use your vehicle to travel along the coastal routes to other beaches and beauty spots and go sightseeing at the many attractions, castles, museums, towns and villages that are in the surrounding areas of Mallorca.

If you are on a golfing or sporting holiday, you may need extra space for all of your sporting equipment, wither you bring it with you or rent if while you are in the Mallorca region. Don’t forget about the extra space you might need for gifts you buy while touring around the Mallorca area.

You can book a seven seater (7 seater) people carrier, an eight seater (8 seater) or even a nine seater (9 seater) minivan. These are always very popular and do go very fast, so don’t leave it until nearer your holiday time before making your booking. You could find there are no people carrier or minivans available at Mallorca Airport and you might have to travel to Mallorca itself or even further afield to be able to collect your vehicle.