Electric Roller Shutters

You’ll never have to contend with the wear and tear that occurs on straps, ropes and pulleys. Roller shutter technology makes it easy to operate and maintain heavy shutters without worrying about injury or damage to property, person or equipment.

Hurricane roller shutters come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Electric shutters offer quiet operation while providing complete protection against anything Mother Nature can trow at you. There are wall-mounted control panels as well as hand-held remote controls that can operate up to 5 individual window roller shutters. They are multi-functional, offering customers the option of controlling lights and heat/air conditioning as well. There are high end handheld devices that offer on-screen display for easy navigation and software that gives customers the option of activating their electric roller shutters from a remote location.

Commercial Roller Shutters

Businesses can rest assured that their bays are secured when electric roller shutters have been installed on the premises. A monitoring system can be set up by private contract so that you will know exactly who has been at your property at any given time. You will control total access of your premises.

Restaurants will no longer have to completely set up outdoor seating areas when roller shutters have been installed. Time and energy can now be directed towards other things like improving service or adding menu items that will bring in more customers.

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