Granite Tile Countertops

For years, the granite tile countertop has been an affordable alternative to true slab granite. It is less bulky to work with and also costs a great deal less. In fact, for the tiles you are looking at an average on the low side of about $5 a square foot. Here is what you should know however about using granite tile countertops:

While cheaper as an option, if you are not careful with installation the end look and appearance can look cheap as well. The tiles are placed right up against one another then epoxied together to create the look of an overall smooth slab of granite. Learning how to do this properly or paying a professional is a good idea to have a final look that is almost as attractive as the real thing.

The trick to making granite tile countertops look good is limiting the amount of seams you use. Don’t think tile as in the standard grout and mortar tile. These must be placed against each other and adhered with epoxy.

Modular Granite

The main thing to understand that modular granite is actually close to tile. At least it is closer to a tile form than a slab of granite. This is another popular choice for those who want to try to “Do-it-Yourself” just like using granite tile. For this type of material you can expect a rough estimate average of at least $25 a square foot. While quite a bit more than the granite tile option, it is also still a good bit cheaper than slab granite. Here are a few things to know about the modular option:

While you do not get modular granite in tiles or in slabs you generally get in a form commonly referred to as “mini-slabs.” The beauty of this option is that it often comes already ready for kitchen use in precut shapes.

Modular is not as easy to transport as tiles are but much easier than true slab granite. It also means that you can use modular for do it yourself installation as opposed to slab which you cannot. Also, unlike granite slabs which require sealant, these pieces generally come pretreated.

The bottom line is that modular granite is designed with kitchen use in mind. In fact, this is the reason it often comes in sections cut to fit a kitchen as a countertop or with a built-in backsplash. This is also commonly sold for those homeowners who are planning to do the installation themselves. You may even find your local hardware store offers installation classes or at least how-to books on the subject.

Slab Granite Counters

Slab granite is the most desirable option, so of course it also comes with the highest price tag. Many homeowners in Metro Detroit feel though that if you are going to bother with any type of granite countertops, you may as well make it the real thing. For a general idea of what you could expect as a low average for granite countertops cost based on slab, this is usually around $60 a square foot without the cost of installation. Here are a few key ideas to keep in mind when considering slab granite:

You will have to factor in the cost of professional installation for your granite countertop budget as well. Slab granite is never a project you can do yourself so before making a decision make sure you get estimates for installation. Search for a licensed and insured professional such as the L&E Marble and Granite company for Metro Detroit most affordable granite countertops.

Some installers will get you a better deal on the granite if you buy it through them. Always do a little shopping on your own so you have an estimate to compare to the dollar amount the installer quotes you.
Keep in mind there is generally a transport fee somewhere as well. Transporting the material is one of the hardest parts of working with slab granite. If you are pricing granite at a hardware store yourself find out how much it would be for delivery. If your installer offers to get you a better price on granite find out if there will be an extra transport fee on top of the materials cost.

Improving Your Home

While these numbers are rough estimates it should give you some idea of what you are looking at as far as difference in prices between the different types of materials. The bottom line is that installing granite countertops into your home will improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Not to mention adding these also to your kitchen increases the value of your home.

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