Can InventHelp Assist With Invention Prototype Creation?

It is a thrilling experience to come up with an innovative idea that has the potential to disrupt the marketplace. However, turning that idea into a tangible product isn’t without its challenges. One of the primary steps in this journey is creating a prototype. This stage often presents inventors with numerous challenges, given the complexities involved. But thanks to companies like InventHelp, the process can be significantly simplified.

InventHelp has been helping with invention prototype creation for more than 30 years. The company has a proven track record of helping inventors navigate the complex process of developing and manufacturing prototypes.

Before we delve into how InventHelp helps with prototype creation, it’s essential to understand what a prototype is and why it’s valuable in the invention process.

What is a Prototype?

In simplest terms, a prototype is a preliminary model of the final product — a three-dimensional representation of your invention that gives a real-life glimpse of your idea. It assists in validating the functionality, design, and feasibly manufacturing the product. Essentially, a prototype is crucial in testing the invention idea and pinpointing areas that need improvement while demonstrating its potential to investors.

InventHelp in Prototype Creation

How long has InventHelp been around? Established in 1984, InventHelp assists inventors in protecting their intellectual property and marketing their inventions. It is one of the leading service providers in the invention industry and has added prototype creation to the suite of services provided to inventors.

Here are ways in which InventHelp can aid with your prototype creation:

Expert Guidance

InventHelp offers professional guidance on prototype development. It takes an idea and turns it into a tangible product. They help design and refine the prototype, providing feedback and suggesting modifications based on their expertise and the market needs.

Collaboration with Industries

InventHelp has partnerships with various industries and manufacturing companies. This collaboration allows them to render high-quality prototype creation using different materials and technologies based on the invention and industry.

Industrial Design Services

InventHelp provides industrial design services such as CAD renderings and 3D animations, which can bring your invention to life virtually. It helps inventors visualize their idea, which can be particularly useful when showcasing the invention to potential investors.

Professional Network

InventHelp provides access to its extensive network of professionals from various industries, including product licensing, marketing and advertising, or patent referrals. Network members can counsel inventors, give professional advice, and even provide links to manufacturing or distributing outlets that can be crucial for the commercialization process.

Legal Assistance

In addition to technical guidance and manufacturing, InventHelp also provides patent referral services, helping inventors navigate the patent application process, which can be daunting for inventors embarking on this path for the first time.


InventHelp can indeed assist inventors with prototype creation. The company provides a wide range of services tailored to cater to the different stages of invention: from patent referral, prototyping, to helping inventors get their products to the market. With InventHelp, inventors can devote more time and energy to what they do best – creating and innovating – with the assurance that every other aspect of the process is in capable and experienced hands.