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What number of security guards will you need?

It ultimately depends on your needs. So now, we can discuss when you will likely need multiple officers.

When there is a Lot of Space to Cover:

Regardless of how efficient and competent a security guard is, he cannot be in two places at a time. If an event or property has more space to cover, then multiple officers should be hired. Although you do not need an officer at every location most of the time, the officers should be able to at least patrol the complete area in a reasonable amount of time so they can respond quickly if anything serious happens.

When the Security Guard also has to do other services:

Security guards in London are often seen as general figures of authorities. They will help people with directions, find items, act as a driver and generally offer customer service. Although a trained security guard from renowned security companies in London will usually provide help, they cannot do it when they need to prioritize the security of the venue. In such a case, hiring several security guards to do different jobs, for example hiring a security driver in London will make things more relaxed while the area is still secure.

Where Eyewitness is Imperative:

For some businesses that are concerned about crimes, having many security guards is vital. Eyewitness testimony might be difficult to get from even the most trained and best individual. When there are multiple eyewitnesses, it is more likely that a criminal would be caught.

Place where a Large Group of People will gather:

Larger events generally will need multiple security guards. For 75 to 150 people, typically, you should have one officer. Particularly for sports events, you will need more. Employing multiple well-trained security guards at a place will give you peace of mind.

Time exists for when you will need just one security guard. A small business lobby of a hotel or a small event might only need one security guard. It completely depends on your specific needs.

The most critical factor in a large event is the visibility of the officers. People should know that someone with authority is watching over them to feel that the location is safe. Consequently, you must have at least enough security guards who are readily noticeable that someone can find them even in a crowd when help is needed.

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Initial Step for Inventors

The Patent Office grants the patent to the first inventor, even if he filed later than another inventor, provided that the first inventor was diligent in reducing his invention to practice and getting his application filed in a reasonable amount of time. If more than one person contributes an inventive aspect that is claimed in a patent, each must be named as a joint inventor in the application.

The U.S. also allows a one-year grace period for filing a patent application even after an invention has been publicly disclosed. But unless properly related to an earlier filed application, a US patent application cannot be legally filed if the invention had been publicly disclosed for one year or more. Also, if foreign applications are going to be filed, it is necessary to get a patent application filed before any public disclosure is made. There are good patenting agencies, such as Invent Help, to help you in the process.

A provisional patent application can be a wise strategy for preserving patent rights while delaying the costs of filing a formal patent application. Such a formal application, filed with one year of the provisional application, can use the filing date of the provisional application, provided that the matter claimed in the formal is properly supported by the disclosure in the provisional.

Provisional applications do not yield a patent or receive a search by the Patent Office, but are becoming a very popular initial step for individual inventors or small companies concerned about the costs of formal filing, and wanting to take more time to test the marketability of a new invention. There are patenting agencies that are providing help for new inventors you can consult.

Larger companies are finding that provisional filings allow temporary protection for a larger number of products while marketing opportunities are explored. During the pendency of the provisional application, the invention may be publicly disclosed and sold without damaging the right to file the formal or even foreign applications.

Only during the time that a provisional or formal application has been filed and the patent actually issues, can the invention be legally marked or described as ‘Patent Pending’.

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Where to Patent an Idea

If you have an original idea that you believe merits a patent, you will need to file an application for the appropriate patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This is where you can apply to patent an idea for a utility, design, or plant patent.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office falls under the U.S. Department of Commerce and its role is to grant patents to protect original inventions, as well as to register trademarks. It is responsible for preserving, classifying, and disseminating patent information, which helps our nation progress both technologically and industrially, as well as helps strengthen our economy.

People often confuse a patent with a trademark or copyright. A patent is a formal grant of a property right to the person who has an original invention. To be clear, this does not give you the exclusive right to manufacture, use, sell, or import your invention, rather it prohibits other people from manufacturing, using, selling, or importing your invention outside of the United States.

A new patent is generally good for 20 years after the date the original patent application was filed with the USPTO. Once the USPTO issues you a patent, it is your responsibility to enforce it, without their help, as they have no jurisdiction over purported infringement or enforcing your patent. Of course you can always hire professional assistance from a patent agency such as Invent Help to guide you.

People also tend to misunderstand the fact that a mere idea or suggestion cannot be patented. You must have a thorough description of the subject matter you are seeking to patent. The patent law also states with specificity that your invention must be “useful” in that it has a useful purpose, including its operativeness. Be advised that under the Atomic Energy Act, enacted in 1954, you are prohibited from patenting an invention that is to be used exclusively for utilizing atomic energy for an atomic weapon, or special nuclear material.

There are three types of patents:

A utility patent is for the original invention or discovery of a machine, process, composition of matter, or product to be manufactured, or any new improvement to any of these that you believe will prove useful.

A design patent is for the invention of any new, ornate design for an article to be manufactured, which is your original idea.
A plant patent is for the invention or discovery of an unequivocally new type of plant. You must first have asexually reproduced your new plant before applying for the patent.

The application process for utility and design patents can be accomplished online at using the EFS-Web feature, which will assist you in submitting your PDF format application documents as was very well elaborated in this article on

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Information about American patent laws

A patent can be analogized to a bargain or agreement between the inventor and the government. In return for a limited-term exclusive right to exclude others from the technology defined in the patent Claims, the inventor agrees to disclose in the patent specification information about the new invention. The inventor discloses how to make and use the invention. Upon expiration of the patent term, the exclusive rights are relinquished and unenforceable. So the gist of a patent is that in return for exclusive rights, the inventor must give up the secrecy and fully disclose the details of the invention to the public.

One frequent question is why have a patent system? Well, the patent system encourages innovation and advances the sciences. Patents help reward inventorship, promote disclosure of inventions and seek to assure that ideas in the public domain remain there for the free use of the public. In other words, the inventor is provided with exclusive rights over a limited term and in exchange educates the public about the technology so that it may be practiced by all upon the end of the patent term, as you can read from

Now let’s turn to what is patentable subject matter. In other words, what can be patented? Okay here comes a favorite quote of mine, “anything under the sun made by man” (Diamond v. Chakrabarty).

Patent Searching

The first likely question is whether someone else has already patented the inventor’s idea or an invention. An American Inventor can explore patented technologies or perform a patent search on their own to reduce initial costs and to facilitate the Inventing process. A free search of U.S. Issued Patents and Published Patent Applications may be performed by anyone with internet access by visiting the USPTO website.

Although American patents and published patent applications may be searched for free at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), an inventor may prefer to use a registered patent attorney. A registered U.S. patent attorney can assist American Inventors in the searching process by performing a supplemental patent search or by performing the entire patent search the myself after a brief review of the technology.

Patent attorneys frequently subscribe to databases more comprehensive than the USPTO database and have experience with different patent searching techniques and strategies. So the patent attorney may be able to perform a wider patent search. A registered patent attorney can frequently search issued American patents, published American patent applications and foreign or PCT patent applications and you can read more about it from

The cost of a patent search can vary. Some patent attorneys contract with technology specialists from foreign countries and can offer the service for a few hundred dollars. Large multinational law firms have high billing rates and can charge thousands of dollars. A small patent law firm will usually charge between about $700 to $2,000 depending on the complexity of the invention. A patent search typically includes a copy of the identified reference and a letter by a registered patent attorney.


How Does an Inventor Get a Patent?

When someone comes up with a new idea or invention, the first step is to get a patent on it. The patent system is designed to grant ownership of the idea or creation to the inventor. The owner of a patent is given the ability to have full control over their invention for a certain amount of time. This allows them to be rewarded financially for their creation.

So just how do patents work?

Patents are very important for the progression of technology, and in the business world they play a very significant role. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding of the patent process, and if you are looking for a detailed explanation you could check InventHelp on Instagram.

What are the basic requirements for a patent?

Patents are a type of intellectual property which are very intricate and limited. If you are interested in patenting an idea, make sure that the following requirements have been met:

The idea must not be even the slightest bit close to anything already protected by a patent. You must also be aware that you can’t patent something if it has been on the market or talked about in publications longer than a year.

Most inventions are not completely new and never before seen. They are actually improvements of technology that is already out there. An invention can be an adaptation of something already protected under a patent as long as it isn’t an obvious copy.

A good way to look at it would be to ask yourself if someone of average knowledge or skill in the area would be able to come up with your idea just by knowing about the existing invention. For example, you wouldn’t be able to patent a waffle maker that can make more waffles at the same time since you are taking an existing invention and making larger. An invention can only be patented if it is an improvement that isn’t obvious to other people. It is explained in details on this article

Another requirement for getting a patent is that the invention has to have some usefulness. In other words, the invention is something that actually has a function and serves a purpose. If the invention doesn’t really do anything, then it can’t be patented. You also can’t patent something from science fiction such as a teleporter unless you have a working model.

The only reason to get a patent is to prevent other people from producing and selling your invention. In the United States, a patent will give you 20 years of protection. During this time you can profit from your invention by producing and selling the invention on your own or by licensing other companies to use the invention. It is up to you to actually make sure that your patent is enforced.

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Choosing Motivational Speakers

If your team has been suffering from low morale lately and is not performing according to what you expect. They might need motivation. There are many ways to motivate them. You can come up with some gimmick like promotions, incentives, or you can hire motivational speakers. They are a surefire way to help boost the low energy that your team or staff is suffering from.

These type of speakers are essentially there to, well, motivate. Essentially, they use their gift of gab to inspire people in the organization to put their 100 percent at work every time. Speakers like this can work wonders in helping your team get back to their feet.

When choosing motivational speakers, take into consideration his background and credentials. The last thing you want to have is someone who is pretending to be a speaker and is actually not. Research the testimonials about him or her. You can check online to find a speaker that represents your ideals. For example Eric Bailey – award winning motivational speaker – you can learn more about him from

You should know effective motivational speakers once you speak with one. He or she should be able to relate her situations with your own companies’ issues. Thus he or she should have researched information about your company and the type of business you have. The best speakers will give your team the necessary boost they need by suggesting new approaches or ideas that they can take on in their everyday work life.

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The Most Popular Types of Neon Signs

For over 100 years, neon lighting has lit up big city streets with a colorful glow. Cool dude, Georges Claude, invented neon tube lighting in the early 1900s, showing off his work at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. It was a huge hit in France, but the United States didn’t catch on to the hip lighting style until 1923. Earle C. Anthony purchased a couple of signs for his Packard car dealership in Los Angeles, California. The style quickly became popular all across the U.S., characterizing popular resort towns like, you guessed it, LAS VEGAS.

Most people I know who have neon signs now like them for the nostalgic retro vibe. Most of men decorate their man cave walls with neon signs, and handful of bars and clubs that still sport neon signs.

So even though neon lighting hasn’t been insanely popular in the last forty years, signs are still being manufactured and sold – thank god. If you’re interested in learning more about neon signs, I put compiled a short list of the most popular neon sign categories. Check it out:


Obviously the most popular category because who doesn’t love beer and alcohol? I’ve seen this kind of neon sign most often in man caves and bars, but they look great in other places as well. There are a ton of different styles, so Budweiser connoisseur’s can get their favorite sign and plain old beer lovers can add to their simple decor with a foamy beer mug.


In the heyday of neon signs (think 1950s), many restaurants and businesses displayed their names in bright neon lights. More people started driving longer distances in the 1950s, so businesses used the neon signs to attract customers. Pretty smart idea. Inside and outside these businesses customers would find additional neon lights that the business used to advertise their products and services, such as Coca-Cola. The Las Vegas strip is probably the most famous example of business neon signs – if you find a business that isn’t lit up on the street, then something is definitely wrong.


Where would America be without her sports? This category is another popular one among men; I’ve seen quite a few in my friends’ man caves and some sports bars. Most public places that have sports signs display uber-popular NFL and MLB teams. A quick browse of the internet proved what I already know – sports signs range all across the board: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, even swimming!


Car dealerships, gas stations, and automotive shops across the United States would advertise their business and services with neon signs. A lot of these signs came down, when cheaper lighting alternatives were invented, but you can find new and old signs from various dealers.

I’ve found that motorcycle neon signs are mostly in biker bars, which are a lot of fun. If you’re not particular about style there are simple motorcycle outlines, and there are more elaborate signs if you’re into that.

Big Rig neon signs are a real thing. I haven’t seen these in any particular places (other than the internet), but I imagine they would look cool in a truck stop diner.

Man Cave/Bar General

There are a few other bar/man  cave – type neon signs that don’t fit into their own category. Some popular signs I’ve seen in man caves are beer/alcohol, pool/billiard, and cars, but anything that reflects the interests of the owner is fair game – for instance, ladies’ men like women’s outlines and often use a pink neon sign to light up their spaces.

Bars are more likely to display their services and activities, such as pool, beer, and poker. Strip clubs are pretty similar, but they draw clientele in with large neon signs of half-naked women or a phrases like “Live Nudes” – works for me.

Popular Culture

Popular culture refers to movie, music, and other icons of the late 20th and early 21st century. Basically these signs take the form of titles/names, phrases or figure outlines (ie. guitar). I find these way more exciting than foamy beer mugs, but beer buffs may disagree with me.

If you’re like me, wishing there were more popular culture options, you can buy a customized neon sign from select manufacturers. Pretty cool, right? I think so.


Use Outdoor LED Signs at Night to Attract Business

Are you planning to use outdoor LED signs to promote your business? If you are, then you have to remember that outdoor LED signs aren’t really of much use during the day when everything is bright – you have to use them at night, when they’re most visible and eye-catching. There can be no doubt that anyone who spots a bright, colorful LED sign in the dark would most likely pause and take a look at it.

Message LED sign are a great tool to generate more business locally. Every business owner who has bought one of electronic signs has nothing but exciting things to say about them. Programmable LED sign are like having someone holding up a sign all day covered in Christmas lights. It truly grabs the eye of anyone near by. LED message signs can be viewed from very far distances. So, Advertising Your Business with Outdoor Programmable Digital LED Signs is a no-brainer. The best part about with this type of LED sign is that you can program it to say whatever you want it to say.

Digital LED Signs

New customers that never knew your store was so local will begin to appear after using this type of display sign. They are water proof so you can use them as an outdoor signage or an indoor signage LED as well.

Of course, there’s only so much an LED sign’s pretty lights can do for you. You need to remember the basic rule of using signs to promote your business: keep it simple and straight-to-the-point. People will glance at any advertisement – even an LED sign – for only a few seconds, and you need to be able to entice them to check out your store or business within that short moment. Consider getting a programmable sign so you can change your message as appropriate. You can use single colors or multiple colors.

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Buy Commercial Properties

As we all know, these last 3 or 4 years the commercial real estate market has gotten better and better. There are more buyers coming around all over America because financing is coming back to be accessible, which makes commercial properties affordable once again. You must understand this if you want to know how to find the best deals on commercial properties.

Of course, once you have mastered the art of how to find the best deals on commercial properties, let us remind you that nothing goes ahead without a proper analysis, mostly if you are a foreign investor; because depending on your strategy, you will have to find a way of acquiring the property in the first place. It is recommended to do so being associated instead of buying individually because of the inheritance issues and special taxes that will arise. Much more if it is a commercial property, which means bigger amounts of money than regular Real Estates.

The asking prices of the sellers are met in most cases; that is a most important fact, which is a great indicator that there are buyers who are willing to pay and have the means to do it. That also shows us that financing for buying Commercial Real Estate, if still a little bit tough (down payments are not always easy), has gotten better, and it is not as difficult as previous years. Nevertheless, every effort must be done in order to take advantage of the good prices the Commercial Real Estate market has right now. Knowing things like this makes better the learning process on how to find the best deals on commercial properties as you can read from European Business Review blog.

Now, we all also know the risks of Commercial Real Estate investing in any American State, mainly because it’s a strong, long-term investment, and money flow will be critical for success, as well as pricing in the area. However, if you learn how to find the best deals on commercial properties, this might be the best investing choice ever.


HVAC Valves

HVAC valves are fundamental parts of an HVAC system particularly when it concerns the functionality of a heating and cooling unit. These valves are housed together with the most hard working components of the system within the inside unit. The main function of HVAC valves is to control the temperature, pressure, flow or liquid level in the involved mechanisms of an HVAC system. HVAC valves can be open or closed by means of an electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic controller system.

Sizing HVAC Valves

For a stable operation, make sure that the HVAC valves are correctly sized and meet exactly the requirements of the system. The valves must be just the right size to allow near to full opening during the required maximum flow of load conditions. If the HVAC valves are too large for the system, there may be function issues when the operating range reaches its extreme low end.

Valve Failures

HVAC valves are meant to balance the flow and at the same time, to isolate system portions for maintenance. One problem that is common with system HVAC valves is ineffective blocking of the water flow. Here, HVAC personnel have to stop the operation and shut down the system even for repair of such minor problems. Another usual HVAC valve problem is the occurrence of leaks. These two system valve issues can be easily resolved with HVAC valve replacement.

Have your HVAC valves and system regularly checked up by HVAC Service Bristol TN professionals as regular maintenance can extend the service life of your existing HVAC unit. When system troubles frequently arise concerning HVAC valves, it is better to have the system replaced with a new one than to have it constantly repaired.