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What number of security guards will you need?

It ultimately depends on your needs. So now, we can discuss when you will likely need multiple officers.

When there is a Lot of Space to Cover:

Regardless of how efficient and competent a security guard is, he cannot be in two places at a time. If an event or property has more space to cover, then multiple officers should be hired. Although you do not need an officer at every location most of the time, the officers should be able to at least patrol the complete area in a reasonable amount of time so they can respond quickly if anything serious happens.

When the Security Guard also has to do other services:

Security guards in London are often seen as general figures of authorities. They will help people with directions, find items, act as a driver and generally offer customer service. Although a trained security guard from renowned security companies in London will usually provide help, they cannot do it when they need to prioritize the security of the venue. In such a case, hiring several security guards to do different jobs, for example hiring a security driver in London will make things more relaxed while the area is still secure.

Where Eyewitness is Imperative:

For some businesses that are concerned about crimes, having many security guards is vital. Eyewitness testimony might be difficult to get from even the most trained and best individual. When there are multiple eyewitnesses, it is more likely that a criminal would be caught.

Place where a Large Group of People will gather:

Larger events generally will need multiple security guards. For 75 to 150 people, typically, you should have one officer. Particularly for sports events, you will need more. Employing multiple well-trained security guards at a place will give you peace of mind.

Time exists for when you will need just one security guard. A small business lobby of a hotel or a small event might only need one security guard. It completely depends on your specific needs.

The most critical factor in a large event is the visibility of the officers. People should know that someone with authority is watching over them to feel that the location is safe. Consequently, you must have at least enough security guards who are readily noticeable that someone can find them even in a crowd when help is needed.

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Initial Step for Inventors

The Patent Office grants the patent to the first inventor, even if he filed later than another inventor, provided that the first inventor was diligent in reducing his invention to practice and getting his application filed in a reasonable amount of time. If more than one person contributes an inventive aspect that is claimed in a patent, each must be named as a joint inventor in the application.

The U.S. also allows a one-year grace period for filing a patent application even after an invention has been publicly disclosed. But unless properly related to an earlier filed application, a US patent application cannot be legally filed if the invention had been publicly disclosed for one year or more. Also, if foreign applications are going to be filed, it is necessary to get a patent application filed before any public disclosure is made. There are good patenting agencies, such as Invent Help, to help you in the process.

A provisional patent application can be a wise strategy for preserving patent rights while delaying the costs of filing a formal patent application. Such a formal application, filed with one year of the provisional application, can use the filing date of the provisional application, provided that the matter claimed in the formal is properly supported by the disclosure in the provisional.

Provisional applications do not yield a patent or receive a search by the Patent Office, but are becoming a very popular initial step for individual inventors or small companies concerned about the costs of formal filing, and wanting to take more time to test the marketability of a new invention. There are patenting agencies that are providing help for new inventors you can consult.

Larger companies are finding that provisional filings allow temporary protection for a larger number of products while marketing opportunities are explored. During the pendency of the provisional application, the invention may be publicly disclosed and sold without damaging the right to file the formal or even foreign applications.

Only during the time that a provisional or formal application has been filed and the patent actually issues, can the invention be legally marked or described as ‘Patent Pending’.


How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring

What are the important things to remember when doing a garage door spring replacement?

If you decide to fix a broken garage door spring on your own, here are some useful tips that you can utilize in order to avoid accidents and make your job a lot easier. Remember, replacing a garage door spring is a highly dangerous and complicated task. It would be better if you can get the help of a professional Indianapolis garage door company.

Garage Door Repair xsewa

Take all of your cars outside the garage

A lot of people get hyped up thinking about how to fix their broken garage door springs. Because of this, cars that are inside the garage are usually forgotten (if your garage door closes down because of broken springs, lifting it up manually is very difficult). If you want to make sure that your cars aren’t locked in inside your own garage, take them out before working on replacing a broken garage door springs.

Turn off your garage door opener

This is the simplest (and most overlooked) step that you must ALWAYS do before you even start doing your garage door spring replacement. You don’t want to add more trouble by opening your garage door opener while you fix your torsion springs. Remember, you cannot control the tension when the springs of your door is broken. Before you even start doing anything, turn off and unplug your garage door openers first.

List all of your garage door’s information

How many panels does your garage door have? What is the size of your garage doors? Is your garage door made of steel, aluminum or wood? These information are important because it can help you assess the kind of garage door springs that you need to purchase for your garage door spring replacement project. List all of your garage door’s information on a piece of paper and remember to bring it with you the moment you go the hardware to purchase a garage door spring replacement.

Check for these

  • Spring Length
  • Inside Diameter
  • Garage Door Spring Thickness

To make sure that you won’t be purchasing the wrong garage door spring replacement for your broken garage door, remember to measure these three important things.

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Marriage Counseling

In most marriages, from time to time there are going to be conflicts. In some cases, the disagreements will be just that – disagreements about common, every day things that come up for everyone. In other cases, however, what starts out as a disagreement will turn into an argument and will eventually grow to a place where it begins to come between the couple.

The challenge is that, while many NYC couples would find that seeking marriage counseling is something that could help them to sort out the crisis before it began, most people wait for the problems to go away. Simply put, they look at marriage counseling as something that’s for other people, something that is only meant to be there when everything else has failed to get results.

Marriage counseling NYC, however, is something that can benefit a wide variety of couples who are in a number of different situations. Those who recognize that they are facing adversity – whether the challenges that they are facing are associated with their finances or they are the result of other family stress, whether the challenges are related to health and well being or they are associated with working more – will often find that marriage counseling enables them to move beyond the conflict.

Marriage counseling gives couples the opportunity to talk out their experiences and to uncover the emotions that are fueling the problem. Marriage counseling creates neutral ground where the debate is no longer just about fighting or who is right or wrong and who is to blame, but something that can be talked through and worked out.

Simply put, marriage counseling is an opportunity to let go of the list of faults and it is an opportunity to discuss emotions, a chance to uncover the root of the problem – whatever the problem may be. Ultimately, therefore, when you begin to recognize that things are not going as smoothly as they could and when you see that there is a tension in your relationship that simply is not going away, you may want to start looking into marriage counseling.

There is no reason to let a growing disagreement gain the power to divide your relationship; with marriage counseling, many couples whose relationship seems to be on the brink of disaster are able to find themselves moving forward. Simply by acknowledging what they are feeling and by focusing on more than just the problem in neutral territory, those couples that enter into marriage counseling are likely to find that they are able to better move beyond the struggles.

Relationships are challenging; conflicts are bound to arise. By seeking marriage counseling before a difficulty takes control – by looking into marriage counseling and the role that it can play for couples – it is possible to prevent the breakup of a relationship. More importantly, with the opportunity to learn to communicate more effectively and to let go of some of the hurts, couples who seek marriage counseling often find that they are able to respond more appropriately when future conflicts arise.

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Online Photoshop Courses Benefits

First things first, with online Photoshop courses you don’t have to leave home to get involved. You can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your home.

This means that you are going to be picking up the finer details of each lesson from the comfort of your home. This is something that a lot of people are interested in, especially those who do not typically learn well in a traditional classroom setting.

Digital Painting in Photoshop waqer

There are different courses for different categories in Photoshop. If you are into portrait painting or digital painting for example, there are online Photoshop digital painting courses you could take.

Did you know that online Photoshop courses are often times cheaper than those that are offered by local schools? This again is something that you should keep in mind, as most people are well aware that saving money is a good thing.

There is no denying the fact that you are going to learn a lot when you get involved with online Photoshop courses. Sure, you may think that you are going to be slow to pick things up but along the way you will catch on and realize that you are on the right path. You will realize that there is nothing standing between you and learning what you truly want to know. As long as you put the time into the learning process, there is nothing that will slow you down.

There are more people than ever taking online Photoshop courses, and there are more people than ever who feel that this is best for them.


Going out Dresses on Deals? Let’s dig out!

Buying expensive or cheap going out dresses is no more an issue, because everyone wants to look pretty and presentable. Girls especially spend huge amount of time shopping for unique going out clothes in order to look stunning and charming. One thing that they often neglect is the amount of money they spend on those dresses.

Occasions like the prom necessitate girls to look presentable and unique. Usually for consultation, they look up to their elder sisters or cousins who have already attended those events. They might give you sound advice about buying good dresses.

Be on the lookout for the best deals

Boys usually don’t really bother as much about their dresses as girls do, but they still need a suit or a tuxedo that goes well along with the night and their personality.

Because it is a one-off event, that’s why everyone is under immense pressure to buy the special dress and steal the night. But for some folks, that would not be the top priority. They would only go as far as their pocket allows them to. The best solution for that tight budget is to visit all outlets and look for the best discount offers.

Of course, finding unique going out dresses for special occasions is easy because of the stiff competition among different competitors and brands. But your main focus must be to get the best deal where you get the best quality dress for the best price.


Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Five Important Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Jupiter FL Roofing Company

Experience – Operating years translate to experience. Studies show that companies who boast more than 10 years of operations have greater degrees of success. Check if the company you’re scoping out has been using the same name consistently and not combining portfolios from past companies!

Environmental Restrictions – Competent companies would want to discuss your house’s location to avoid any zoning issues or similar problems. Take note of the level of professionalism the company exhibits.

Permits – Legislating a project is now an important step because not going through the proper channels can result in horribly expensive tear-downs and delays. Just make sure that you and your contractor go over the legal aspects of the project first.

Insurance – It’s very easy to overlook insurance, but don’t be fooled by what seems to be a cheaper deal. Even under the best circumstances, accidents can happen and it’s always imperative that you get a company that covers its crew with at least a million dollars in liability insurance.

Client Coverage – While we’re on the subject of insurance, it’s also a major plus for companies to include the client in the insurance coverage. This guarantees that they will do the best possible job and you are kept safe.

Picking the Best Roofing Contractor

The next step is to check the local phonebook or the internet and do some in-depth research.

Remember, though, that it’s very easy to make a good online impression. A flashy website with well-written content might hide the fact that you’re hiring some guy and his truck.

Your home is one of the most important things in your life and its maintenance and improvement should never be left to chance.

The Next Step: Phone Interviews

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good old-fashioned phone interview. Give the roof repair Jupiter FL companies in your shortlist a call. The way they entertain your questions is already an indication of how well they’ll do their job. Take note of their openness and how easily they can give you details about the project you want. You can tell a lot from a simple phone call. Finally, ask for references.

This step will give you a more accurate idea of a company’s degree of competence.

Check Those References

Please do not skip this step. Studies show that 40% of shoddily conducted roof renovations have resulted in a do-over, which is devastatingly expensive. If you check your contractors’ references, you can have a better chance to avoid being included in this statistic.

Keep an ear and an eye out for any off-putting indications during phone interviews or reference checks because you may need to double check those things later. Don’t forget to take notes! But don’t be too scrutinizing too. Just make sure that they know what they’re doing and you can trust them with your roof!

Before Anything, Request an On-Site Visit and a Quotation

The final step is to contact your chosen contractor and request a site inspection and a written quotation for the repair or replacement roof. Go over the terms carefully.

Each company handles these matters differently, so you should take it upon yourself to exert the extra effort to check if everything is in order.

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Choosing Motivational Speakers

If your team has been suffering from low morale lately and is not performing according to what you expect. They might need motivation. There are many ways to motivate them. You can come up with some gimmick like promotions, incentives, or you can hire motivational speakers. They are a surefire way to help boost the low energy that your team or staff is suffering from.

These type of speakers are essentially there to, well, motivate. Essentially, they use their gift of gab to inspire people in the organization to put their 100 percent at work every time. Speakers like this can work wonders in helping your team get back to their feet.

When choosing motivational speakers, take into consideration his background and credentials. The last thing you want to have is someone who is pretending to be a speaker and is actually not. Research the testimonials about him or her. You can check online to find a speaker that represents your ideals. For example Eric Bailey – award winning motivational speaker – you can learn more about him from

You should know effective motivational speakers once you speak with one. He or she should be able to relate her situations with your own companies’ issues. Thus he or she should have researched information about your company and the type of business you have. The best speakers will give your team the necessary boost they need by suggesting new approaches or ideas that they can take on in their everyday work life.


Granite Tile Countertops

For years, the granite tile countertop has been an affordable alternative to true slab granite. It is less bulky to work with and also costs a great deal less. In fact, for the tiles you are looking at an average on the low side of about $5 a square foot. Here is what you should know however about using granite tile countertops:

While cheaper as an option, if you are not careful with installation the end look and appearance can look cheap as well. The tiles are placed right up against one another then epoxied together to create the look of an overall smooth slab of granite. Learning how to do this properly or paying a professional is a good idea to have a final look that is almost as attractive as the real thing.

The trick to making granite tile countertops look good is limiting the amount of seams you use. Don’t think tile as in the standard grout and mortar tile. These must be placed against each other and adhered with epoxy.

Modular Granite

The main thing to understand that modular granite is actually close to tile. At least it is closer to a tile form than a slab of granite. This is another popular choice for those who want to try to “Do-it-Yourself” just like using granite tile. For this type of material you can expect a rough estimate average of at least $25 a square foot. While quite a bit more than the granite tile option, it is also still a good bit cheaper than slab granite. Here are a few things to know about the modular option:

While you do not get modular granite in tiles or in slabs you generally get in a form commonly referred to as “mini-slabs.” The beauty of this option is that it often comes already ready for kitchen use in precut shapes.

Modular is not as easy to transport as tiles are but much easier than true slab granite. It also means that you can use modular for do it yourself installation as opposed to slab which you cannot. Also, unlike granite slabs which require sealant, these pieces generally come pretreated.

The bottom line is that modular granite is designed with kitchen use in mind. In fact, this is the reason it often comes in sections cut to fit a kitchen as a countertop or with a built-in backsplash. This is also commonly sold for those homeowners who are planning to do the installation themselves. You may even find your local hardware store offers installation classes or at least how-to books on the subject.

Slab Granite Counters

Slab granite is the most desirable option, so of course it also comes with the highest price tag. Many homeowners in Metro Detroit feel though that if you are going to bother with any type of granite countertops, you may as well make it the real thing. For a general idea of what you could expect as a low average for granite countertops cost based on slab, this is usually around $60 a square foot without the cost of installation. Here are a few key ideas to keep in mind when considering slab granite:

You will have to factor in the cost of professional installation for your granite countertop budget as well. Slab granite is never a project you can do yourself so before making a decision make sure you get estimates for installation. Search for a licensed and insured professional such as the L&E Marble and Granite company for Metro Detroit most affordable granite countertops.

Some installers will get you a better deal on the granite if you buy it through them. Always do a little shopping on your own so you have an estimate to compare to the dollar amount the installer quotes you.
Keep in mind there is generally a transport fee somewhere as well. Transporting the material is one of the hardest parts of working with slab granite. If you are pricing granite at a hardware store yourself find out how much it would be for delivery. If your installer offers to get you a better price on granite find out if there will be an extra transport fee on top of the materials cost.

Improving Your Home

While these numbers are rough estimates it should give you some idea of what you are looking at as far as difference in prices between the different types of materials. The bottom line is that installing granite countertops into your home will improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Not to mention adding these also to your kitchen increases the value of your home.


Filing a Patent And Owning The Rights

Filing a patent is our society’s way of making certain the first one to “act” on new marketable concepts get the credit. You have come up with a new product or a technological advance that fills a need and patent filing gives you the exclusive rights.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office aka USPTO strictly enforces the multitude of rules and regulations for the patent application process. The recommended choice to file your patent application is to attain the services of a patent attorney or an agency such as Invent Help, but there are submission services, and software that allow you to do it yourself.

That choice usually boils down to money, but making sure this is done correctly could be the best investment you can make. No matter which angle you take for filing patents, the process, paperwork, or timetables don’t change.

Here are the steps for patent filing:

Determine If Your Invention Is Patentable

The first step to filing a patent involves whether your invention is patentable. It must fit into one of three categories for types of patents: utility, design, or plant. Then it must also meet three prerequisites: novelty, non-obviousness, and utility. Everything is not patentable and you want to find out early in the process before investing time and resources. It is best to hire professionals do this for you as stated on Invent Help reviews.

Perform A Patent Search

The next step for the invention and filing a patent involves performing a patent search. You want to see if someone else has beaten you to the punch. It is a very good chance somebody has patented your idea already but we hope not and that we are completely unique. The USPTO patent search database where you just enter your search term for your invention and are supplied results with full text and images.