The Financial Case for Telecoms Expense Management

The functional groups that get involved in developing a business case for Telecom Expense Management often include: IT, Sourcing, Finance and Global Technology Infrastructure Management.
The business case typically includes a detailed review of technology, projected productivity gains and savings for each project.

The refunds and savings to be made from utilizing a Telecom Expense Management program can be used to create a Return on Investment (ROI) business case to cost justify the investment in a system.

Typical identifiable and substantiated savings categories include:

  • Refunds due for unpaid past credits and billing errors.
  • Creation of asset register and asset record cleansing; plus inventory reconciliation with billing.
  • Client identified reductions through inventory reports e.g. obsolete modems previously used on lines that have since been removed.
  • Optimization recommendations.
  • Sourcing savings from new contracts at lower rates.
  • Improved transparency and visibility of expenses.

A return on investment is computed from the following calculation.

ROI = (“Gain from Investment” – “Cost of Investment”) divided by “Cost of Investment”

The cost of “no action” or delayed action should be considered too. Each month, organisations may be forfeiting opportunities to optimize their technology expenses, to save money. Claims for refunds, owed for billing errors, may be subject to a limited claim time period. Without a Telecoms Expense Management system it can be difficult to provide the evidence and documentation needed to support claims. Organisations should therefore recognize that there are real costs if they fail to invest in TEM services.

Safety Tips in Using Propane Tanks

Propane is often used in areas where natural gas is absent, held in pressurized tanks. These tanks can be tapped, enabling the use of the fuel for different purposes like cooking, heating, clothes, etc. Some people see danger in storing a large amount of fuel near their houses, but even natural gas supply can be dangerous. The truth is any kind of fuel is potentially dangerous if the users are not careful in using them. Since in this age, we cannot live without gas supply, we only need to be cautious in our actions. Here are some safety tips in using propane tanks:

Avoid using tanks that show signs of damage. Do not try to repair the propane tanks in case you found that they are indeed damaged. You should bring them instead to their suppliers for repairs or better yet, for disposal.

Use water with soap in checking if the tank or its valve is leaking. Turn the appliance off before opening the valve. Check the labels of your propane tank for any specific instructions for leak detection.

When the tank is not in use, it is best that you turn the valve in the “closed” position.

When using propane tanks with gas grills, never store the tank under the grill. This also applies even if you think that the propane tank is already empty. It is also best that you disconnect the tank from the grill when they are not in use. Of course, you need to turn the valve off when doing this.

Vertical tanks should always be stored in an upright position. It is also advisable to store them outside the house. Still regarding the storage area, the propane tanks should be placed where the temperature does not exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you are transporting a propane tank, secure it upright in an area in your vehicle that is well-ventilated. It is advisable that you head directly to the place where the propane tank will be used for safety reasons.

Types of Propane Storage Tanks

Propane is the fuel used in areas where natural gas is not present. It is stored in pressurized tanks in liquid form and vaporized before it is used in the various appliances that need this kind of fuel. Propane storage tanks come in many sizes and types. Some have the propane tank gauge already installed and for others you will need to buy a propane tank sensor. They can be used in different functions and in various settings, such as residential and industrial settings. Here are the different types of propane storage tanks:

Bulk propane storage tanks: these tanks are very large and are often used to store propane supply for a locale or for an industrial company that is in need of great amounts of propane fuel.

Dispenser tanks: this type of propane tank can act as storage but with less capacity that the preceding kind. They can as well refill small propane tanks so they can be used as a business with the right paperwork.

Residential tanks: for our homes, we can use propane storage tanks of different sizes, depending on use of fuel for us. If you merely need propane for cooking, then a smaller tank will do. However, if you also need the fuel for other purposes like heating the fireplace, drying clothes, warming your pool, or even for your outdoor lighting, then you may want to invest on a bigger tank. Residential tanks may either be above-ground or underground.

Gas grill tanks: propane storage tank for such a specific purpose may be very small, such as one pound, as preferred by those who also have portable grills for outdoor use. Bigger varieties, such as 20-pound tanks are also common.

Reasons To Sell Your House Quick

There are many different situations and reasons to be motivated to sell your house in Hartford, especially in today’s market . Sellers are faced with many situations that didn’t exist in the past. Banks are resistant to loan, home buyers can’t get financing, picky buyers, inspectors and lawyers killing deals.

Not to mention inexperience with Foreclosures in Hartford just to name a few. So if your looking to sell your home now and are negotiable on terms and price, then it may be in your best interest to do your research and consider selling your house to an home buying company in Hartford, such as Sell My House 7 –, for cash.

Reason # 1 : Home Buying Companies Are Cash Buyers And Will Not Kill A Deal To Sell Your House Last Minute

If you have been in the market to sell your house in Hartford for a while now and have had a few deals fall through and were hoping for a quick sale, then you can definitely appreciate this quality in a buyer. Home buying companies have funding available for multiple deals and do not have to deal with time consuming loans and processes that a retail buyer would have to pursue to buy your house.

Unlike retail buyers, buying houses is their job so they have experience dealing with creative solutions. They make a living purchasing homes for cash and have vast experiences with sellers, banks, lenders and agents. They can close on deals others would walk away from whether its minor or major repairs or a complicated situation with a lender it is nothing an investor has not seen before.

Reason # 2 : Home Buying Companies Buy Properties As-Is, No repairs Necessary

It is very common for retail buyers to request repairs or upgrades from you as a seller and also many necessary steps you must take to make your home marketable when having a house for sale. Whether its paint the property, replace the roof and siding, or just fix the door knobs and face plates on the second floor. All of these costs add up to thousands of dollars very fast and not to mention the head aches and stress if your planning on doing these repairs yourself.

Possibly the best quality home buying company posses is the ability to buy houses as-is, where-is. This can save the seller much time and stress and if you don’t have the money to perform these repairs will save you money in holding costs in the long run when your property sits on the market because buyers think its an ” ugly house”. These problems do not worry them.

They have teams of contractors and resources to fully rehab houses and will not be frightened by issues found in an inspection during a home sale.

How to Make Your Event The Best It Can Be

If you are planning a corporate event but do not have the proper furniture or set up to do so it can be very beneficial to use an outside party to help you out. While you may be able to scramble and put something together with what you have it more than likely will not look nearly as professional as if you had someone else help you and do the set up for you.

You can simply contact a professional event hire company to get exactly the right items to make your party, get together, annual meeting, or whatever go as smoothly as you hoped.

A new product launch can be an exciting time and the best way to celebrate is to have an exhibition featuring the product. Be sure to show it in the best light that you can by having an exhibition furniture hire come in and assist you in setting up.

This way you can free up yourself and your staff to plan the party and not worry about all the little details. In addition you can bring in a bar hire so that you and your employees can relax and have a good time at the product launch. You could do this yourself but the people you use to staff the bar will no doubt regret not being able to participate.

In addition it looks much more professional to bring in an outside staff for the event. Your customers and employees alike will thank you for planning ahead and doing everything to make the event the best it can be.

Farm Tractors Safety

Around the world, more people die in the agricultural industry than any other industry. And tractor deaths and injures account for 38% of the people that are hurt in agriculture. The most dangerous part of a tractor is it overturning. Because of the tractor’s uneven weight distribution it’s frequent to rollovers.

To protect against rollovers, most modern tractors have a Rollover Protection System (ROPS), which is basically like a cage to protect the operator. The health and safety of tractor operators is so important that in 1959 Sweden passed a law that every forklift had to be with one. Rollover deaths, where particularly common in Sweden because the country has a lot of slopes and steep hills that can contribute to a tractor’s overturning.

The US and Australia also have similar legislation, but it has become obsolete because most of the tractor makers have made safety their number one goal and have implemented ROPS in all their standard tractors.

When you look at the different farm tractors you will see that there are different types. You should check what types of tasks these tractors are capable of performing. This is important as different farms have varying needs. The best place in Australia to search for tractors, tractor service, parts or anything related to tractors is the AFGRI company.

Other ways that you can look for farm tractors will include the newspapers, farm auctions, online farm auctions and second hand farm suppliers. By looking in these various places you can find a selection of quality tractors that you can use.