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DSTV Technical Guide

Dstv is a digital satellite television system that allows viewers to watch live TV from around the world. There are many different types of receivers available, but they can be divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Indoor receivers allow you to view channels from your home while outdoors, you need to have access to an antenna.

DSTV Installers

DSTV Installers are the people who install your satellite dish. They can come to your home and set up the dish for you. You can find them at online easily. If you have any questions about installing your dish, or about multichoice installing, professional multichoice installer should be able to help you out.

DSTV Channels

The channels that you watch through your DSTV box are called DSTV Channels. There are many different types of channels, but the ones that you will probably want to watch are news, sports, movies, music, and other entertainment shows.


A DSTV Set is what you use to watch your DSTV Channels from. A DSTV Set consists of a receiver and a remote control. Your DSTV installer will give you a DSTV Set if you decide to get a subscription.

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