Getting Rid Of Fleas

The flea life cycle consists of four stages. They are the egg, larvae, pupae and adult biting fleas in your yard. Treatments should target each of these stages to break the life cycle. Adult fleas lay their eggs on the host and then the egg drops out wherever the host rests, lies, or plays. These eggs then hatch and go into the larvae stage. From there, they then move to the pupae stage waiting to emerge as an adult flea. The entire cycle takes approximately two weeks.

Many pesticides and other treatments target the adult fleas. In yard treatments often only address the adult stage while leaving the eggs or pupae to continue to hatch and grow. This is counter productive, leaving many continuing to buy pesticides that are only targeting a small part of the problem.

Killing fleas in the pupae stage is almost impossible. The key to keeping the infestation under control is to use a product on the egg and larvae stages to prevent them from getting to the pupae stage. There are natural products available that are designed for this purpose that will not only keep your pet free of fleas, but will not expose him or her to harmful chemicals.

It’s nearly impossible to prevent fleas in the yard. Some improvements can lower the risk of fleas making it on to your property to begin with. Fleas move from one host to another and a stray dog or cat can wander through your yard leaving little presents as they go. Having solid fencing around your yard can prevent these visitors and their unwanted friends from coming over uninvited. In addition, keeping your pets on your own property gives you more control. Flea collars are also recommended and you can find best flea collar for dogs on the internet.

A good approach to flea control is multi-pronged. You can stop this from ever happening by making some simple changes to ward off an infestation of fleas. You can actually kill adult fleas in with a simple, all natural solution. Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous soil lightly in your dog’s bedding and in areas he likes to sleep. You can use the food grade DE in your home and garden to deal with fleas or bed bug infestations. In yard improvements and treatments will finish the life cycle of the flea leaving you and your pets happy and pest free.

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