Glitter For Acrylic Nails

Glitter for acrylic nails is great for really adding to their overall look. When it comes to this specific style you have a couple of unique choices. Many styles incorporate glitter and fake stones the in actual design to enhanced artificial nails. There are two basic options in the application of the glitter.

Glitter Tip Acrylic Nails – when the glitter only covers the acrylic nail tips

Full Glitter Acrylic Nails – nails completely covered in the glitter design

You can always accessorize when it comes to this type of acrylic nail design. Popular nail designs include airbrushing, characters, stars and fake stones. Nails of this type are usually done at the nail salon. Nail salon have trained professionals who can enhance the look of your nails. The great thing is that you can also get the glitter for your acrylic nails look right in the comfort of your own home. The following are simple easy to follow instructions that will show you exactly how to get these kind of nails on your own at a fraction of the cost and still look fabulous.

You are going to need:

  • Acrylic Brush
  • Monomer
  • Glitter Acrylic Powder
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Favorite Top Coat
  • Buffer

First dip your acrylic brush in the monomer. Make sure to wipe any excess monomer off.

Dip the Acrylic Brush in the Glitter Acrylic Powder. Make sure to pick up a nice sized ball with the brush.

Now you must place the acrylic ball on the actual nail and flatten and shape the glitter on your acrylic nails.

Depending on the style you prefer you can just cover the tip and make sure you create that deep smile effect or cover the nail entirely in the glitter. Make sure the coat of glitter is as thin as possible because we must apply a top coat of clear acrylic.

After you finish topping the nail with the clear acrylic you can buff the nail.

Finally it is time to apply your favorite top coat.

This look is fresh and exciting. Holographic pigment powder and glitter for acrylic nails is what you need especially if you want to shine like a star. So whether you are going out on the town or just lounging around the house you will look and feel beautiful!

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