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Inventor’s Blueprint: How to Submit Your Invention Idea to a Company Using InventHelp

Transforming an invention idea into a tangible product or service and bringing it to the market can be an overwhelming experience. As an inventor, you may face challenges in finding the right resources, companies, or platforms to pitch your invention to. InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, can significantly streamline this process, enabling you to submit your invention ideas to potential manufacturers or licensees and heeding your call for fruitful collaborations.

A Brief on InventHelp

With over 30 years of experience in helping aspiring inventors, InventHelp is based out of Pittsburgh and offers various services, from patent services to prototype creation, ensuring that your invention idea receives proper exposure to prospective buyers or partners.

Submitting Your Invention Idea to a Company with InventHelp

How do I submit my invention idea to a company? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it using InventHelp’s services:

Step 1: Protect Your Invention Idea

Before you submit your idea to any company, it’s crucial to secure it legally. What is a patent? A patent is an intellectual property right that gives you the exclusive right to make, sell and use your invention for a certain period of time. The process of securing a patent can be complicated, but it’s worth it because once you get one, no one else will be able to copy your idea.

You can obtain a patent by working with InventHelp’s Patent Services. They can guide you through the patenting process and file a patent application on your behalf with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Step 2: Create a Prototype

If appropriate for your invention, creating a prototype can greatly enhance your idea’s appeal to prospective companies. A prototype provides a tangible representation of your invention, helping companies visualize its potential better. InventHelp offers prototype services that assist inventors in developing a physical, working model of their invention to showcase during presentations or product pitches.

Step 3: Draft an Effective Presentation

Preparing an effective presentation to pitch your invention idea is essential. Your presentation should highlight the invention’s unique aspects, target market, commercial potential, and any research conducted. It should also showcase your patent or patent-pending status, as well as a functional prototype if available.

Step 4: Submit Your Invention Idea to Companies

InventHelp maintains a comprehensive list of companies registered in their Data Bank that have consented to review confidential inventor submissions. These companies span various industries and product categories, matching a broad range of invention ideas. With the assistance of InventHelp’s submissions team, your invention idea can be introduced to relevant companies based on factors such as industry type and the nature of your invention.

Step 5: Follow-Up and Assess Interest

After submitting the invention idea, InventHelp follows up with the targeted companies to gauge their interest. If a company demonstrates a genuine interest or requests more information, InventHelp facilitates further communication and negotiation.

The Path to Success

Submitting your invention idea to a company with the help of InventHelp increases your chances of receiving the exposure and resources needed to bring your idea to life. With their vast experience and comprehensive range of services, InventHelp can assist inventors in realizing their dreams and fostering partnerships with potential manufacturers or licensees. Remember, a well-protected and professionally presented invention idea provides you with an ideal starting point for fruitful collaborations and commercial success.

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