Want to Look Younger? How to Change Your Hairstyle

A woman has the opportunity to look younger simply by changing her hairstyle. With healthy hair and the right style, you can shave years off the way you look.

Here are some styles you can use to freshen up your look, and flatter your face, making you look more youthful.


Fringes are versatile, and can be adapted to your facial features for a fresh, younger look. Short and asymmetrical fringes work well for teenagers, so you might want to avoid these unless your personality can carry it off. Try a straight, full fringe to hide forehead wrinkles or diminish the look of a big nose. A choppy fringe is flattering on a round or oval face, and a sides wept will elongate a round face.

Short hairstyles

A short hairstyle can look fresh and can diminish the look of wrinkles. Layered short haircuts work for every age, on all types of hair – straight, curly and wavy. You could also try a chin level bob. This tends to make you look younger, and also adds sophistication to your look.

Loose waves and curls

Loose waves and curls of any length are flattering, feminine, young and fresh. If you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to create soft waves. Make sure the curls and waves are loose and natural-looking to keep the youthful look. Loose waves can be worn on any occasion, and are flattering to all face shapes, especially a square face.

Ponytail and braids

If you have long hair you have the advantage of playing with many different styles, simple or sophisticated. You can soften your features with a high ponytail. Braids can also be flattering, and there are many styles of braids for you to choose from.


You can get a sexy and youthful look with well-placed highlights. Highlights will brighten your complexion, and can make your face look more vibrant and healthier. You can apply highlights at home. However, if you want the most benefit from your highlights, consider having them done by a professional hairdresser.


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