The importance of Clarinet care

Woodwind instruments such as a clarinet produce excellent sound when properly used and maintained. Lack of cleaning and maintenance, however, can affect their performance and your health. Discover how you can take care of your clarinet for maximum longevity and sound precision.

The clarinet is a complex woodwind instrument composed of many moving parts. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep it functioning properly. Here are some important tips on proper clarinet care.

clarinet instrument

Breaking Your New Clarinet In

New clarinets need a break-in period to get the perfect tuning and setup. Limit your playing time to about 20 to 30 minutes a day for the first two weeks. Dry the body interior with a swab immediately after you finish playing or during breaks between sessions. Keep the joint ends dry and apply a small amount of cork grease to the ends to block moisture.

Wooden clarinet bodies can crack or become difficult to connect when subjected to sudden changes in temperature or humidity. New units also need to adapt to every room temperature, so allow your instrument to adjust before playing it.

Care after Playing

Proper care is important even after playing your clarinet. This will help prevent germs and moisture from building up inside the instrument, which can affect the sound quality.