Moving and Packing Tips

Essential Packing Supplies

  • Boxes (from moving company, ups store or to save money visit your local grocery store or retailer and ask if they have boxes that they will give you. If you know which day they have shipments, you can go on that day and they may very well have boxes that they are getting ready to throw away).
  • Magic marker (permanent) to label boxes.
  • Heavy duty packing tape.
  • Box cutter or scissors for unpacking.
  • Bubble wrap or newspaper for fragile items.

Be sure to appropriately label boxes containing breakable or fragile items.

Pack items that you will plan to use right away in a separate box so that they can be easily located. Example, telephone, foods to snack on, toiletries, change of clothes.

Keeping clothes in dresser drawers while moving will eliminate the need to pack your clothes into excess boxes.

A rummage sale before moving will lessen the amount of things to pack, and also raise money to contribute to moving costs. Sell things that can be easily replaced upon arrival and will be difficult to pack, such as lawn and garden supplies.

When wrapping breakables like dishes and picture frames, use towels and sheets to help pad them. Gives a place to put towels and sheets and protects your fragile items.

Don’t waste time, money, and energy moving big items that will be included in the purchase of your home (washer drier etc) sell them and use the money towards moving expenses.

Keep clothes from your closet on the hangers and put them into garment bags or large, sturdy trash bags. This packaging is moldable and easier to fit into crevices in the moving truck, can be used as padding so that furniture doesn’t get scratched (along with linens and blankets, which can then be washed upon arrival), and can then be hung right back up in the closet of your new home!

Invest in a dolly if you will be transporting a large quantity of heavy items such as books, appliances, furniture, etc. It will make the move go more smoothly and save you a lot of trouble. These can be rented from your local Umzug Wien company.

Make sure that electronics, candles, and other items that can be damaged by heat do not stay in a non air-conditioned truck for an extended period of time. Label cords so that you know which cords belong to which electronic devices upon arrival.

Pack heavy items at the bottoms of boxes and lighter or more fragile items towards the top.

Begin packing several weeks ahead of time. You have many more belongings than you realize, and it can get overwhelming! Take it one room at a time, and it can be used as an opportunity to “clear out” the clutter.

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