Basement Finishing Cost and Pricing Information

Determining a basement finishing cost can be difficult but not impossible. The key to getting an accurate estimate is in your planning. If you ignore your planning stages, it will cost you money.

What exactly is the basement finishing cost?

There are different ways of looking at and calculating the basement finishing cost and this is where some homeowners get into trouble. If you are planning to do a simple, do-it-yourself project, such as painting the area, you can get a fairly accurate estimate by simply adding up the price of your materials and supplies. It’s simple enough.

The problem with determining a basement finishing cost often comes into play when other types of more complicated work is required. For example, you may hire a plumber to rough in the plumbing for your new bathroom, but is that the final cost? Chances are it is not. The same can be true with carpenters who are roughing in an area. Once they are done with their work, you may be left standing there wondering who does the rest of the work and who pays for it. The answer is usually you!

What are some basement costs that are not always obvious?

The list for this is long and, again, the more detail you have in your plans the better off and more knowledgeable you will be. Just a few of the things that you may end up paying for include:

  • Installing a heating and cooling source and the control unit to run the system
  • Installing flooring material such as carpet, tile, or vinyl
  • New lights, electrical outlets, switches, a new breaker
  • Baseboards, trim, window and door casings, as well as the new windows and doors
  • Permits
  • Hot and cold water lines and shut offs.

If you are adding a new bathroom, your basement finishing cost will also include:

  • New sewage exhaust lines as well as a sewage ejector pump
  • New power lines to the sewage ejector pump
  • Exhaust fan and vent to outside of home
  • The toilet, sink, vanity, mirrors, tub or shower, etc.

As you can see there are many items that have to be accounted for in your basement cost. Some of these are small purchases, but others are not. The only real way to understand what your basement finishing cost will be is to have a very detailed list of what you will need and the unit price for all of those items.

This is where hiring a professional basement remodeling contractor, such as Precision Remodeling – https://www.renovationsbyprecision.com/, is recommended. These pros can help you make that list as complete as possible so that you do not have any big surprises later on.

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